January, 2015

Thank you to our Examiners

The Canadian Board of Certification for Athletic Therapy (CBoCAT) kindly thanks and acknowledges the following CATA members for their assistance with the November 2014 Certification Exams!

Calgary Examiners

Sarah Barber
Caralee Chorney
Kelsey Du
Mina Fadol
Maria Smith
Charlotte Van Audenrode

Jamie Johnson
Owen Picton

John Amante
Carly Appler
Glen Bergeron
Marta Breul
Stacey Bulat
Nicole Chermcora
Tracy Choptain
Jennifer Davis-Persaud
Robyn Edge
Krista Floren
Caitlin Gooch
Yana Kalcheva
Dale McVicar
Michelle Mialkowski
Chris Mikolajek
Melissa Nero
Nicole Paley
Kent Paluk
Valerie Pelleck
Megan Pomerensky
Ashley Rapson
Gretchen Rumbaua
Ashley Savage
Nicole Schell
Melisa Skrabek-Senecal
Stanley Szumlak
Ben Trunzo

Montreal Examiners

Katie Macdonald

David Laurin

Kirsty McKenzie
Geoffrey Dover
Crissy McPhee
Cheryl Beech
Pamela Steck

Mario Starnino
Heather McCoy
Christina Grace
Kevin Geyson
Shannon Downs
Mathieu Theriault-Proulx
Victoria Fletcher
Nour Saade
Fabrizia Gentile
Jesse Whyte
Sophie Drisdell
Chantel Guy
Nina Benisty
Dayna Yee
Cassandra Morel
Rachel Gauthier
Lee Ann Papula
Brigitte Matthews
Raphael Jabbour
Rick Lau
Vadim Kogan
Stefania Nudo
Mireille Brosseau
Catherine Blanchette
Karine Aubut
Lucy Pereira
Geegna Patel
Victoria Robinson-Mozejko
Shane Oulette
Marc-Antoine Doré
Audrey Doyon-Lessard
Darcie Hum


Sarah Barber

John Amante
Marta Breul
Nicole Chermcora
Caitlin Gooch
Kent Paluk
Megan Pomarensky
Ashley Rapson

Nikita Chicoine
Marie-Christine Pelletier
Melissa Roumanis
Christina Gianacoti
Megan Miyamot

Board Members
Cody Bruce-Smith
Jacquie Camley
Caitlin Campbell
Chantal Comeau
Annie Desbiens
Alison Longo
Mandy Los
Kristina Milligan
Noreen Ortilla
Marya Phan
Nancy Spence
Dennis Valdez
Jackie Vandertuin
Steven Van Schubert
Andrea Wazney
Jason White

Thank you all for your hard work and time! We could not have offered such a professional and successful exam without you!

Please watch for the call for examiners for June’s certification exams in Calgary and Toronto. The call will come out in March 2015. New examiners and volunteers are always welcome!

Andrea Wazney & Kristina Milligan
Human Resources, CBoCAT

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