January, 2015

President's message

Growth and Development

No, with this title I do not mean the anatomy/physiology class that many of us would have taken during our education. I’m talking about the CATA.

Our Association is developing well, and the word about AT is getting out. Efforts are occurring to improve insurance billing, with a combined national strategy, and we are seeing more print and social media referring to the excellent work ATs are doing across the country and globally.

Globally you will have seen information from last month’s newsletter about agreements for international collaboration and development of the profession. We have taken strides within the country too, and some interesting developments have occurred.

First, our Executive Director, Sandy Jespersen, presented the Board with some interesting numbers. For the first time in a long time, we have membership growth in a region that has surpassed our traditional leading regions. I’ve been told that British Columbia is a wonderful place to live. I’ve been there and it seems quite nice – and we’re certainly looking forward to hosting the Annual Meeting of Members there on January 25th. But in addition to having transplanted central and eastern Canadians, the growth of ATs in BC is in large part due to the addition of an accredited program on Vancouver Island. With the addition of Camosun College to the list of institutions, we can typically expect to see an increase of 25-40 new ATs per year. These numbers have led to a 3-year, 49% increase in members, and this bodes well for AT. While Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec still have more overall members, any province or region that can show membership growth such as this will also likely have an impact of increasing the public knowledge of Athletic Therapy.

A second sign of growth is the CATA hiring of a third staff member, on a contractual basis. Liane Coulahan is CATA’s new Program Coordinator, and her main focus will be to engage members and improve public awareness. The addition of a staff member indicates our strength in financial terms, and demonstrates vision regarding initiatives that are important to the growth and development of the Association. The CATA Board of Directors is pleased to have Liane onboard.

Third, the CATA Board continues to refine our governance towards a more efficient model. While the Board still gives our responsibilities great attention, we are improving the parameters for our staff and committees to work within. We expect this will allow greater flexibility and faster decisions to our work.

On a personal note, I hope that the holiday period was enjoyable for you and your family, and I wish you all the best for 2015.

Richard DeMont
President, CATA

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