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April, 2015

OATA Report Spring 2015

Many of you have had a great spring/March break while the rest of us worked!! Preparations are at a feverous pace in ramping up for the 2015 Toronto Pan Am Games. As has been reported across the nation, the Games are in need of close to 1600 medical volunteers. We hope to have as many AT’s involved in the games as possible. To help facilitate involvement across the country, the OATA has organized a billeting program. Contact us at the OATA if you are involved in the Pan Am games and need a place to stay. The coordination of the games is a huge undertaking as the games are spread out over a large geographic area of Ontario.

Our most recent renewal process was very successful and the OATA membership was extremely cooperative in answering questions attached to that process. From that information we have learned that 148 OATA members have their own private practice. By the time you read this, all these members will have been contacted as we are forming a buyer purchasing group to use our numbers to negotiate better deals with insurance companies, credit and debit card processing companies, car rental and leasing companies, and so on. We have crafted a questionnaire to seek input from this group to focus our efforts on services that they feel are important.

The new audit process for not-for-profit organizations has proved to be challenging for a volunteer board as processes had to document every detail of association business. Hopefully the hard work has been completed and the minutia is complete. We wish the CATA all the best in completing the same process.

As usual we continue to glacially move towards regulation.

This December, I was involved in the World Junior ‘A’ Challenge in Kindersley, Saskatchewan. Stepping on the world stage was a great experience. Unfortunately, one of my players was pushed from behind and went head first into the boards and suffered a catastrophic neck injury. From the events following that incident, the OATA has decided to create a Members Incident Support group to help any OATA member that has been involved in a catastrophic, near death or death incident. We will be seeking legal advice as to what information can and cannot be shared. The role of the group is to support our members through these very stressful events.

A long time certified Athletic Therapist Guntis (Gunner) Obrascovs has been gravely sick and has been hospitalized for an extended period of time. The entire OATA is behind our member in his time of need.

Please go to the OATA website as we have many new features such as AT of the month, links to our billeting program, links to our Social Media network that has been extremely well put together by Jen Mark and her group and a picture of myself about to talk with the OKA!!

Last but not least, the OATA is following last years’ release of our White Paper and the start of the Founders award series. Last year Fred Dunbar was our inaugural recipient. This year we are extremely pleased to announce Tim Page as the next recipient. Mr. Page was the first OATA president. His contribution to the development and growth of the OATA was instrumental. We had to dig long and hard to actually find Tim as he had disappeared in the deep Muskoka’s.

Reaching out to key people in the Sports Medicine community in Ontario, the OATA has decided to name Dr. Charles Bull an Honorary Member. Dr. Bull has retired after a long standing orthopedic surgery career in the Toronto area and has been a friend of Athletic Therapy for many years.

Good luck to the rest of the country and hopefully we will not be shovelling snow in May to get to the Halifax conference!!

Drew Laskoski CAT(C)
Ontario Athletic Therapist Association

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