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April, 2015

President's Message

Hello CATA members.  I hope this message finds you well and maybe seeing a bit more sun and feeling a bit more warmth now that it’s Spring.  Just because it was cold and snowy this winter does not mean that CATA was in hibernation mode. We have been active and forward thinking.

As this is the last newsletter prior to the conference and the new Board of Directors taking over, let me again welcome Stephen Handel (APATA), Tyler Quennel (OATA), and Andrew Wauthier (ATABC) to the Board of Directors. We have included them (in a non-voting capacity) in our Spring meetings to help get them familiar with the format and background discussions so they can hit the ground running when June 1st arrives. I also take this opportunity to thank Stewart Munroe (APATA), Karen Holland (OATA), Ashley Cornish (ATABC), and Savannah Blakley (Non-Regional) for their service, enthusiasm, and ideas during their terms. Of course, Karen is continuing on the Board in the role of Director, Non-Regional. And to the other Directors - Michele Amatea (AATA), Dale Pitura (SATA), Darryl Thorvaldson (MATA), and Jason Mihalik (Non-Regional) - thank you, your contributions were valuable.  Our new staff member Liane Coulahan is fast out of the gate, and of course the entire Association depends on the work of Sandy Jespersen and Helena DeFazio. Thank you all very much.

This is also a good time to recognize the many other volunteers of the Association who have done great work on the membership’s behalf in the last year. The committee lists are on the members’ site, along with the committee Chairs’ contact information. You should feel comfortable directing questions to them should you have any, and if you wish to participate in the growth of the profession by volunteering, feel free to contact Sandy or answer the call when you see one come through email (or posted online).

If you were to look back over the year, you will see we are posed for big breakthroughs on our strategic plan. The overarching theme is to improve awareness of AT, improve practice conditions (increase insurance AT coverage), and engage the membership. We hope that you will have noticed the initiatives we are completing to this end (or start really!). One of our big initiatives that regularly occurs is the CATA National Conference; this year it is in Halifax. Hopefully by the time you read this you have your registration, flight, and accommodations arranged. I will be there, and I hope you take the time to introduce yourself if we have not yet met. I will be happy to talk to you about the exciting things happening within the Association, and how you can be a part of it!

All the best for a happy Spring, and see you in Halifax!

Richard DeMont, PhD, CAT(C), ATC

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