July, 2015

CATA Awards Celebration

The Canadian Athletic Therapists Association would like to congratulate the following individuals for their outstanding accomplishments and contributions to the CATA this past year. Their incredible efforts were recognized on Friday May, 29th at the Gatorade Awards Banquet at the 49th Annual CATA Conference in Halifax.

Hall of Fame

This award acknowledges years of selfless dedication to the profession of athletic therapy.

Hall of Fame Inductees:

Ron Rappel

David H. Jones

David L. Paris

Steve Dzubinski

Richard DeMont, David Paris, Steve Dzubinski and Ron Rappel, (L to R)

Distinguished Athletic Therapy Educator

This award is presented to an Association member in recognition of truly distinguished contributions to athletic therapy education.

2015 Recipient: Michael Boni

Larry Ashley Memorial Scholarship Award

CATA, in conjunction with the Vancouver Canucks Alumni Association, awards an academic athletic therapy scholarship in memory of Mr. Larry Ashley. Mr. Ashley served professional hockey and the field of athletic therapy for over 20 years with dedication and excellence. This award recognizes a Certification Candidate with a demonstrated commitment to developing practical and academic athletic therapy skills in the field of professional hockey.

2015 Recipient: Chris Trivieri

Member Emeritus

This award recognizes the prior contributions of a member who may still be contributing to the fields of athletic therapy or sports medicine, but who is no longer actively engaged in the day- to-day work of an athletic therapist as defined in the Association Scope of Practice, due to retirement from active employment or a shift in career focus.

2015 Recipient: Dave Campbell

Merit Award:

This award recognizes members who have, through their actions, saved a life, prevented a serious accident or performed an outstanding emergency service.

2015 Recipients:

Mark Francisco

Monica Posavec

Tiffany Moey

Valerie Lam-Hang

Outstanding SAT Award:

This award is given to a Supervisory Athletic Therapist (SAT) with demonstrated distinct leadership and commitment in the preparation and supervision of Certification Candidates. The award recognizes the significant contribution of SATs in the growth and development of Certification Candidates.

2015 Recipient: Steve Kopas

Special Recognition

This award is presented to an Association member or other outstanding individual or patron who has made a significant contribution to the Association and who has demonstrated leadership in the advancement of the profession of athletic therapy.

2015 Recipient: Bruce Marshall

Honorary Member

Honorary Members are non-voting members that are nominated into membership owing to significant contributions to the advancement of Athletic Therapy.

2015 Recipient: Denise Fandel, Executive Director, BOC

Student Leadership

The winners of this award are selected by each of the accredited institutions, who select one successful certification candidate from their respective institution.

2015 Recipients:

Sheridan College - Mallory Woeller

York University - Andy Choi

Mont Royal University - Bradley Hughes

Concordia University - Chris Diktakis

University of Winnipeg - Kathlyn Hossak

University of Manitoba - Vince Francisco

Camosun College - Jonathan Obertas

2015 Recipient: Chris Diktakis – Concordia University

Annual Scholarship

This cash award of $500 is given annually to a Certification Candidate to recognize athletic therapy skills, academic success, and potential leadership and commitment to the profession of athletic therapy.

2015 Recipient: Samantha Halfyard - Concordia University

Writing Awards

Category A: Review Article

Consists of a paper reviewing research related to a specific topic that is pertinent to members of the Athletic Therapy community. The review paper will provide an overall education of the particular topic and must be appropriate to the field of Athletic Therapy.

2015 Certification Candidate Recipient:

Lauren Orser - “The reduction of depression via physical activity for individuals with a Traumatic Brain Injury”

Category B: Research Article

Consists of original research that has been conducted but has not been previously published or is not currently accepted for publication.

2015 Certified Member Recipient:

Dr Jason Mihalik - “Football equipment removal improves chest compression and ventilation efficacy

2015 Certification Candidate Recipient:

Justine Branco - “An exploration of perceived stress, symptoms, and salivary cortisol in varsity athletes”

2015 Recipient: Justine Branco

Research Grant

A $1500 research grant is presented annually to a CATA member (certified or candidate) who wishes to pursue research in a topic area that will have direct benefit to the field of athletic therapy.

2015 Recipient: Mark Lafave - “Student perspectives with clinical presentations in the athletic therapy curriculum”

Long-time Member Recognition

Members who have contributed 25 or more years of continuous certified membership with the association.

Loretta Bresolin

Lori Copeland Abbate

Annette McClelland

Elsa Orecchio

Brent Smith

Volunteer Appreciation

Volunteer appreciation gifts are presented to Certified Members who have served on working committees of the Association and these awards are presented each year at the Annual Banquet

Canadian Board of Certification for Athletics Therapy

Trevor Len

Jason Kitzen

Tara Collin

Annie Desbiens

Steve Van Schubert

Mandy Los

Cassie Campbell

Education Committee

Geoff Dover

Jacqueline Camley

High Performance Provider Committee

Bruce Marshall

Ethics Committee

Nancy Spence

Kevin Phillips

Krista Mullaly -Dobbin

International Relations Committee

Dr Jason Mihalik

Member Services Committee

Reg Grant

Trevor Len

Heather Tugnett

Financial Advisory Committee

Dexter Nelson

The celebration of our growing profession and the recognition of our outstanding members cannot happen without your nominations and applications for these awards.

Congratulations once again to all of this years' winners!

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