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July, 2015

CATA New Committee Members

CATA Announces new Board of Directors

Effective June 17, 2015, the following represent the completed 9-member CATA Board of Directors:

  • Dale Pitura, President, Director — Saskatchewan
  • Darryl Thorvaldson, Vice-President, Director — Manitoba
  • Karen Holland, Secretary, Director — Non-Regional
  • Michele Amantea, Treasurer, Director — Alberta
  • Richard DeMont, Director — Quebec
  • Stephen Handel, Director — Atlantic Provinces
  • Jason Mihalik, Director — Non-Regional
  • Tyler Quennell, Director — Ontario
  • Andrew Wautier, Director — British Columbia

We would like to acknowledge our outgoing directors Ashley Cornish, Stewart Munroe, and Savannah Blakley for their unwavering service to the CATA. We would also like to thank Dale Pitura (our new CATA President) and Karen Holland who have been elected to renewed terms on the CATA Board. The Board also welcomes its newest members: Stephen Handel, Tyler Quennell, and Andrew Wautier.

High Performance Providers Committee

Bruce Marshall has completed his term as Chair of the High Performance Providers Committee.  We would like to welcome Ben Trunzo as the new chair of our committee.

Canadian Board of Certification for Athletic Therapy

CBOCAT would like to welcome the following new 8 members to their committee:

  • Jennifer McKinnon as Exam Developer
  • Amanda Black as Exam Developer 
  • Tara Collins as Exam Developer
  • Thomas Theoharis as Equipment Manager (West) 
  • Christina Fogg as Equipment Manager (East) 
  • Valerie Pelleck as the Regional Site Coordinator (Winnipeg)
  • Kathleen Pegg as Administration Manager
  • Brent Gaudreau as Registrar 
  • Nancy Spence as Finance Manager (was a previous member and moved into a different position)

Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee would like to take the opportunity to thank Krista Mullaly-Dobbin, Kevin Phillips and Nancy Spence for their hard work and dedication (term ended May 2015).  Your long hours of investigating, debating, and communicating has not gone unnoticed. Volunteering back to your association takes a special person who realizes the value of the beneficial results of hard work.

We would also like to welcome Brent Smith, Savannah Blakley, Markus Von Hacht, and Tara Sutherland for a three year term ending May 2018. Thank you in advance for the potentially long hours ahead.

Respectfully Submitted,

Susan Cameron, CATA Ethics Co-Chair
Annette McClelland, CATA Ethics Co-Chair

International Relations Committee

The international relations committee (IRC) would like to extend our sincerest thanks to Dr. Jason Mihalik for his valuable contributions to the committee as his term ends. We are equally excited to welcome Dr. Kelly Stott as our newest member of the IRC as she joins us for a three year term.  Dr. Stott will assume Dr. Mihalik's responsibility as the NATA liaison.

Glen Bergeron
Acting Chair IRC

Education Committee

On behalf of the CATA Education Committee I would like to welcome Jennifer Martins as our new International Certification Candidate Liaison, and Cheryl Beech as our new Research and Special Projects Leader. Cheryl will be replacing our long-time EC Member, Geoff Dover from Concordia University. Newly tenured Dr. Dover stepped down from the EC after many years of service after being awarded a sabbatical leave from Concordia. His sabbatical will serve as an opportunity to complete his current research plans and develop new ones.  The EC would like to extend a very special thanks to Geoff for his involvement with the EC over the last 10 years. All the best!!!

Dennis Valdez
Education Committee Chair

Program Accreditation Committee

Both Kirsty Mackenzie and Jason Peelers terms on PAC ended at the end of May, but they both have decided to stay on the committee for another 3 year term.

We’d also like to acknowledge the following committees for their great work and commitment to the association. These committee members have renewed terms:

Marketing Sponsorship and Insurance Committee
Member Services Committee
Financial Advisory Committee

A special thank you to all of you who volunteered, and continue to volunteer, for our committees. Without your dedication our association would not be where it is today.  Welcome to all the new members we look forward to working with all of you.

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