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July, 2015

La Corporation des Thérapeutes du Sport du Québec (CTSQ) Update

This year, the CTSQ will once again be managed by a very dynamic board of directors. Fayez Abdulrahman will remain the Corporation’s President, Karam Al-Hamdani will be our Treasurer and Sonia Adhami will remain the CTSQ Secretary. A new member of our board, Philippe Fait, will be the administrator responsible for Internal Communications, while Nicolas Michaud will continue with ongoing projects in the role of Corporate Communications’ Administrator. Kyle Sutton will remain in charge of professional affairs, along with tax and insurance, while Victoria Robinson will take over for Academic Affairs, a position she has held in the past. Together, they will be responsible for helping develop the profession of athletic therapy in Quebec, while also looking out for CTSQ members’ best interests. A marketing action plan is also underway, and the team will be keeping you updated on negotiations with the OPPQ as news become available.

The Board of Directors of the CTSQ is also proud to share the fruit of an idea that has been several months in the making. Our newsletter is a tool that we hope to use to share news from the field of athletic therapy in Quebec and around the world. We plan to publish three newsletters every year – one in June, one in September and another in February. Each will contain several different sections, all with specific aims. The newsletter will also be adaptable and flexible, and the content and sections will evolve according to our changing needs. We also want this tool to belong to you, and we will remain open to contributions for articles. Our aim with this newsletter is to join forces and rally our professional community together. You can see the first-ever edition here:


Eric Grenier-Denis, B.Sc. CAT(C)
Executive Director
La Corporation des Thérapeutes du Sport du Québec (CTSQ)

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