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July, 2015

New Presidents Welcome

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Saskatchewan membership for allowing me the opportunity to serve the CATA for a further two year term as regional director. I would further like to thank the Board for entrusting me with the position of Chair of the Board of Directors and President of the CATA.  Richard DeMont has done a tremendous job in leading the Board of Directors and the CATA over the past two years.  It is an honour to follow him  and to serve the membership at this time in the evolution and progression of the Association.

This year’s conference in Halifax brought with it the induction of four members to the CATA Hall of Fame.  Listening to the words of the inductees left one lasting impression on me – the members of this Association are truly passionate about the careers they have chosen and this Association.

This characteristic of passion bodes well for the new Governance structure that has been adopted by the CATA.  Within that structure the Board of Directors is responsible to the “owner’s” of the CATA – that is the members.  As “owners” the membership needs to look at the big picture and the long term vision of the Association.  What do the members want the CATA to be and to become?  That vison is relayed to the Board of Directors through the “member linkage” opportunities that Richard DeMont discussed in his message.  The Board of Directors is thus responsible to develop policy to allow our extremely capable staff and operational committees to do their work and operationalize the vison.

The operational outcome, or strategic outcomes, are realized by you the members, as “costumers”  of the CATA.  Your feedback on the service you receive allows the Board and staff to determine if we are implementing the vision effectively.

During my term as President I want to build on the current passion and improve our Governance by continuing to strengthen the communication – member linkage – within our Association.  It is through communication that we as an Association will be able to establish strategic plans, implement those plans, evaluate, re-plan and progress the CATA to higher status within the health care community.  The passion of the members for the Association, and for Athletic Therapy, will ensure that status will be achieved.  Thank you again for allowing me to serve.

Dale A Pitura

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