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July, 2015

Past President's Message

I hope this message finds you well and enjoying nicer weather from what most of us experienced in the spring. For those of you that made it to the conference, you will have learned about membership initiatives geared toward meeting our strategic goals. The Halifax meeting gave the Board of Directors the opportunity to link with you the members, as owners and members of the Association. As part of our "member linkage" (our effort to inform you and help create Association-knowledgeable members) events such as our "Town Hall" at the conference, and this newsletter, give you a chance to learn about what the Association does for you. 

The Town Hall takes place at each conference, but it is different than the Annual Members Meeting (AMM), which is intended to address the business of the Association as required by law. Such requirements are financial issues (review of our audit, for example) and elections of Directors of the Association. The AMM will be scheduled in the early New Year, late January or early February.

Now to the business at hand... Here is some progress that we have made over the last few months and year.

Governance Structure

As previously announced, we have strategic directions (see the website), and we will continue to monitor our achievements and to be visionary regarding our next steps. These tasks include our ongoing Policy Development and monitoring our ED and Board committees.

As of June 1st, the Board of Directors have officially been following our new governance structure. This is important for you as a member, because the changes allow our leadership groups (Board, Executive Director (ED), and Committees) to be more efficient. We can move faster, because ED now oversees, directs, and obtains reports from committees that are generally internal and linked to member benefits and services. The Board directs and oversees the generally external and "regulatory" mandated committees. These include the Canadian Board of Certification for Athletic Therapy, the Program Accreditation Committee, the Financial Advisory Committee, and the Ombudsperson and Ethics Committee (which have unique relationships and member responsibilities as well). All CATA staff and volunteers are to work within legal, ethical, and prudent boundaries.

We still have work to do following this implementation. The largest task is to convert existing policy to the new structure with ongoing review to update procedures.

Role Delineation Study

We have completed a long study into the Roles we have as Athletic Therapists. When you see this document you will see that our categories have changed from six domains to five. The stakeholders (Certification, Education, and Program Accreditation, and Institutions) will have a copy of this immediately and it will be in effect for the November exam.

Education Task Force

Over the last two years the task force struck by the Board, with Mark Lafave PhD, CAT(C) as Chair, with representatives from the institutions, Certification, Education, and Program Accreditation have made their report. The groups are looking at the recommendations to determine actions for implementation, with some implementations taking place already. The report, including its ten recommendations, is available on the webpage.

National Insurance Task Force

Co-Chaired by Stewart Munro and Darryl Thorvaldson, with regional representatives the taskforce will make new inroads to insurance coverage for Athletic Therapy. The session in Halifax was well-attended and promoted new thoughts and ideas to move this agenda forward.

Marketing Presentation

We were very excited to show the efforts of the awareness campaign and the videos used for National Athletic Therapy Month. By now you have seen (and hopefully shared) them.  The National Office is making great strides, but we still need members to promote AT and defend it as a healthcare profession.

Vancouver 2016

The 50th CATA conference will be in May 2016 in Vancouver. It is sure to be a special event. Start to make your plans now.

Richard DeMont, PhD, CAT(C), ATC
‘Past’ President

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