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October, 2015

ATABC President’s Message

As we enter the fall season, it becomes a busy time for Athletic Therapists here in BC.

We would first like to congratulate all the Certification Candidates who passed the June exam. It is fantastic to see the quality of our new colleagues and it is a testament to the accredited educational institutions here in BC, Camosun College, and across the country! We wish you good luck as you start your careers in Athletic Therapy and look forward to having the new members become involved in facilitating the progression of our profession.

The BC Regulation Task Force (RTF) has been working on creating a strategic plan to determine the process toward regulation, as this will help create a framework for this long term project. We have been working to break down this task into short and long term objectives, created a SWOT analysis, preliminary budgeting and using the information gained in the past from our lawyers to plan this complex task. To assist with this, the RTF has researched other regulated professions, their colleges, the Health Professions Act and learned what we can from other provinces going through a similar process. We have also been keeping updated on the development of Health Care in BC that may have implications on our profession.

The BC Marketing Task Force (MTF) has been busy over the summer and ATABC has moved forward securing a marketing firm. We are very pleased to announce that the ATABC will be partnering with Martketer Inc. beginning September 1st, 2015. Preliminary strategic planning meetings have been initiated and we are confident this partnership is going to create a strong presence and awareness of our profession in BC.

In other news the CATA 2016 National Conference is being held in Vancouver May 26-28 at the Pinnacle Hotel.  Come and join us for the 50th year of the CATA.  As well happening the same weekend is the ATABC AMM.

A huge thank you to all the Board of Directors, task force members and volunteers that have put time and effort into our association. There is still a lot of work to do, but we are laying the groundwork towards future possibilities for Athletic Therapists in BC.


Sandy Zinkowski

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