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February, 2016

President's Message

The advancement and progression of Athletic Therapy in Canada just does not slow down. This is due to the dedication and involvement of all members of the Canadian Athletic Therapists Association. Your engagement in the profession is what propels this progression and I thank you for that.

The engagement was witnessed during our recent Annual Members Meeting (AMM). The AMM has moved to primarily an online format. We do have a smattering of “owners” attending in person. This is nice as it allows the Board of Directors to interact with the membership to a certain extent. The online format does pose some challenges for interaction, and it’s also a challenge to keep the “business” of the meeting separate from the ideas and suggestions from the members. To ensure the “business” portion runs smoothly and efficiently is important. On the other hand, reaching out the members for their ideas and suggestions for the association is a goal and commitment that the Board has. Some ideas to use the opportunity of the AMM to accomplish both these goals have come forth from the membership following our recent AMM. One idea would be to conduct the “business” portion of the meeting, wrap that up and then have a “round table” Town Hall-type discussion for input and suggestions. It is ideas like this, from our members – thinking as “owners” of the Association – that keeps me excited about our progression.

Speaking of progression, the Ontario Athletic Therapists Association (OATA) has entered into a mutual agreement with the College of Kinesiologists of Ontario (CKO) to achieve regulation within Ontario. This has been a long journey for the OATA (10 years plus I believe). The Board of Directors congratulate them on achieving this.

A strategic goal of the CATA, in advancing the profession, is to achieve regulation. Therefore the CATA Board of Directors supports the OATA in their progression toward this goal. Health care regulation is provincially regulated and there are nuances within each region as to how to accomplish this goal. Given this, any questions about the process are best directed to the OATA. They have information posted on their website and are continuing to update it. The OATA understands that regulation within their regional environment will secure the future of Athletic Therapy within the province. They have a strategic plan to progress towards specialization within the CKO which all starts with the OATA member joining the CKO.

These are exciting times within the profession. CATA nationally is following the progress within Ontario so that we can assist in achieving this strategic goal. The advancement of the profession does not slow down.

As always, thank you for allowing me to serve.

Dale Pitura
CATA President

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