July, 2016

Merit Award - Dylan Durward

On Tuesday, September 29, 2015, Dylan was overseeing the women’s volleyball practice as part of his student placement duties at Seneca College. Towards the end of the practice, one of the players was experiencing breathing problems. She had been sick for the past few days, and was experiencing a lot of congestion along with difficulty breathing.  She had been trying to push through the practice, but was having a lot of trouble catching her breath. She was coughing heavily off to the side of the court, when Dylan noticed her predicament.

Dylan approached the athlete and started to diagnose the problem through some standard interview questions.  He took his first set of vitals when the athlete went from a standing position to her hands and knees, and eventually into the fetal position.  At this point, Dylan called his supervising Athletic Therapist to come down to the gym as he determined the situation was escalating.

After assessing the situation, their EAP was activated. Dylan started taking more sets of vitals, performed a secondary survey, and helped to prevent shock by covering the athlete with a blanket (while receiving oxygen), as well as reassuring her.  While many of her teammates were panicked and frantic, Dylan was very grounded and performed his job in a calm manner.  When EMS arrived, one of the paramedics complimented Dylan for taking 3 sets of vitals as well as doing a good job of handling the situation. 

Dylan’s ability to fully perform his duties in a life-threatening situation was appreciated by the athlete, the team and the staff at Seneca College.

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