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September, 2016

Ethics Case Summary

The CATA Ethics Committee received a formal complaint on July 30, 2014 against Mr. Filipe Corredoura, owner of Sports Therapy CAIRE Clinic. The complaint indicated that Mr. Corredoura had violated several parts of Section 2 and 3 of the CATA Code of Ethics. The complaint included details around the clinic Office Manager impersonating a former Athletic Therapist of the clinic to a few patients via e-mail communication and over the telephone as well as the clinic using the therapists’ image in a marketing campaign on their website and Facebook site without permission and well after the therapist had ceased employment at Sports Therapy CAIRES Clinic. Unfortunately, the individuals involved in this complaint were not able to amicably settle the issue at which time it was escalated to the CATA Ethics Committee.

The Investigation Committee (IC) felt the complaint included violation of both the Code of Conduct and the Code of Ethics. They found that the use of the therapists’ image on social media was a civil responsibility but that the use of their image on STCs website demonstrated a lack of responsibility to the profession and respect to a request made by a colleague (violation of Code 3A(v)). Based on a number of examples around misleading communication by STC staff, the IC found a violation in code and 3B (xx) of the CATA Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct.

The IC imposed the following penalties on Mr. Corredoura in February 2016. He was to issue a formal written apology to the complainant for the delay in addressing their reasonable request. He was also expected to reimburse the complainant $300 for a portion of the costs incurred in seeking external resources to address this matter. The IC was sensitive to the fact that concerns revolved around a pattern of behavior. They felt it was a fair penalty that Mr. Corredoura and STC develop (or adopt) a series of reference documents for STC administrative operations, specifically policies and procedures, job descriptions and on and off boarding of resources, with a fine imposed if the request was not completed by May 1, 2016.

The CATA Ethics Committee received a formal appeal from Mr. Corredoura. In adherence to Section 53 e. of the CATA Code of Conduct-Procedures, Mr. Corredoura was not granted an appeal. He was advised that the monetary penalty imposed by the Investigative Subcommittee had been withdrawn due to the fact that the Investigative Committee does not have the authority to implement monetary penalties. The balance of the decision and penalty imposed by the Investigative Subcommittee would remain unchanged.

The CATA Board of Directors became involved in May of 2016 when Mr. Corredoura had failed to provide his clinics reference documents. Upon full review of the case, the BOD granted Mr. F. Corredoura a further 30 days to comply with the penalties imposed on him before moving the case to a Judicial Subcommittee. We are pleased to report that Mr. Corredoura’s documents were received in July and this case is now closed.

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