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September, 2016

President's Message

Dear CATA Members,

Allow me to introduce myself as the new CATA President for 2016/17. My name is Darryl Thorvaldson and I am currently serving my third term on the CATA Board of Directors. I was lucky enough to get involved just as the CATA Board was changing how it governs, becoming more effective and more productive. It has been a long process, but it now feels like normal. Through the ever-changing technology that has come about, and excellent research and reporting from our staff, our productivity has increased while at the same time we are saving money for the association. For example, the Board has been able to eliminate an entire face-to-face meeting involving flying all board members to one location and replace it with our online meeting platform: Redbooth. We are able to do intense, virtual face-to-face meetings with this software and continue our productivity while being able to reallocate travel savings to other projects.

As you are aware, our association continues to grow and with this, so does our need for staff. We now have four employees including the new temporary contract position of Ethics Coordinator. This position was created out of necessity as we are experiencing an unusually high number of ethics cases. After consultation and recommendation from our legal team, the Board determined this was the best way for the association to move forward ethically and prudently. Congratulations to Susan Cameron on her appointment by the Board for a 12-week term. Her experience and knowledge will help the ethics committee continue their investigations and reporting in an efficient and timely manner.

This is also a special time of year for our association which only happens every four years. The Rio de Janeiro Summer Olympic Games have just ended and athletic therapy was well represented. Thank you to the members who were chosen for the games. You are great ambassadors of both the CATA and the profession on a global stage. Thank you for all of your hard work.

The CATA continues to improve the public face of the association. CATA is represented on numerous national and international initiatives such as the Joint Commission on Sports Medicine and Science, the Canadian Concussion Collaborative, the CSA Technical Committee, FIFA 11+ and GLA:D, and the World Federation of Athletic Training and Therapy to name a few. The CATA continues to get invites and questions from allied health organizations and other similar associations for our expertise and opinion. Thank you to all those members helping out in these areas.

Lastly, I would like to thank two of our long-standing Board members who have passed on the reins of the association. For the past six years Dr. Jason Mihalik and Dr. Richard DeMont have guided the association through numerous changes. Two of the biggest changes are the new CATA By-Laws as well as changing the way we govern our association. Thank you for all of your hard work and your continued input into the association. I would be remiss to not thank current board member Karen Holland who is the driving force of our new governance model.

I look forward to a great year with a lot of great initiatives coming up, so stay tuned!

Darryl Thorvaldson, CAT(C), President, CATA

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