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December, 2016

Calling for Annual Awards Nominations!

As the Canadian Athletic Therapists Association (CATA) is underway with preparations for the 51st Annual CATA Conference in Niagara Falls, the Member Services Committee encourages you to consider whether you or someone you know might be deserving of one of the annual awards.

The Gatorade Annual Awards Banquet is the final event of each Conference. It is a celebration of our growing profession which recognizes the outstanding efforts and contributions of several members within the CATA. However, in order for this event to be successful we need your nominations and applications for these awards. There are often awards that do not receive nominations and as a result, do not get awarded. Please take some time to become familiar with the eligibility and qualifications for the association awards and consider whether you or someone you know might be deserving of recognition.

Hall of Fame AwardThis award acknowledges years of selfless dedication to the profession of athletic therapy.

Special Recognition AwardThis award is presented to an Association member or other outstanding individual or patron who has made a significant contribution to the Association and who has demonstrated leadership in the advancement of the profession of athletic therapy.

Merit AwardThis award recognizes members, who have, through their actions, saved a life, prevented a serious accident or performed an outstanding emergency service. Merit Award nominations are accepted throughout the year through the member’s portal.

Distinguished Athletic Therapy Educator AwardThis award is presented to an Association member in recognition of truly distinguished contributions to athletic therapy. Nominees for this category should be exemplary educators in the athletic therapy realm. Involved not only in "traditional" forums and teaching settings, the candidate should have demonstrated leadership in community, national, international education and/or involved in original research publication, and or innovative teaching delivery or curriculum development. A $1500 prize, sponsored by Gatorade, is given to the school/institution associated with the recipient.

Member EmeritusThis award recognizes the prior contributions of a member who may still be contributing to the fields of athletic therapy or sports medicine, but who is no longer actively engaged in the day-to-day work of an athletic therapist as defined in the Association Scope of Practice due to retirement from active employment or a shift in career focus.

Writing AwardsThese awards recognize Certification Candidates and Certified Members who submit articles. Categories include Certification Candidate Research Article, Certification Candidate Review Article, Certified Member Research Article and Certified Member Review Article. Recipients of this award receive a monetary award (Certification Candidate: $300, Certified Member: $350) for their contributions.

Annual ScholarshipThis cash award of $500 is given annually to a Certification Candidate to recognize athletic therapy skills, academic success, and potential leadership and commitment to the profession of athletic therapy.

Larry Ashley Memorial Scholarship AwardThe Canadian Athletic Therapists Association in conjunction with the Vancouver Canucks, awards an academic athletic therapy scholarship with a $2500 cash award in memory of Mr. Larry Ashley. Mr. Ashley served professional hockey and the field of athletic therapy for over 20 years with dedication and excellence. This award recognizes a Certification Candidate with a demonstrated commitment to developing practical and academic athletic therapy skills in the field of professional hockey.

Outstanding SAT AwardThis award is given to a Supervisory Athletic Therapist (SAT) with demonstrated distinct leadership and commitment in the preparation and supervision of Certification Candidates. The award recognizes the significant contribution of SATs in the growth and development of Certification Candidates.

Research GrantA $1500 research grant is presented annually to a Certified Member who wishes to pursue research in a topic area that will have direct benefit to the field of athletic therapy.

Evert Van Beek AwardThis award is in memory of Evert van Beek, a 25 year member of the Association, who made significant contributions to the Association, the profession of athletic therapy, and his local community. This award recognizes an Association member who, throughout his/her career, has demonstrated leadership and citizenship qualities, coupled with a capability for entrepreneurial endeavors.

Student Leadership AwardThis award recognizes one certification candidate from each accredited institution who demonstrates proven leadership qualities while enrolled in the Athletic Therapy curriculum while being actively involved in the community. This award consists of a $500 cash prize.

Rising Star AwardThis award recognizes a newly certified member who is making outstanding contributions to the athletic therapy profession.

Please Note:

Applications and nominations will start being accepted on January 15th. To apply for or nominate a member for an award, simply go to “My Member Profile” and select “Awards” from the left column (located under “Applications”) to Add a New Application. 

Merit Award Nominations are accepted throughout the year.

Applications/nomination forms must be completed in full and submitted online before February 15th (11:59pm MST).

For more information about the eligibility or qualifications for CATA Awards, please refer to the member’s portal on the CATA website at:

If you have any questions about the awards process, please contact Kylie Farmer (

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