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March, 2017

OATA 2017 Winter Report

The last few months have been very busy for the OATA. With more than half of the OATA Certified Membership now members of the College of Kinesiology of Ontario, we are in the next stage of our movement towards Athletic Therapy being regulated in Ontario. We have had to over-haul our communication methods by implementing an e-mail Blast report that goes out through our new district leadership. We have restarted our quarterly Reach Newsletter and a much smaller Sprint newsletter that goes out roughly ever 4-6 weeks. It has taken time to pull this together as we decided to forge on after one of our board members temporarily left us as he supported a family member through a battle and victory over cancer. We supported Gus with love, compassion and prayers as his family faced an all too common foe.  

We have been working on an extensive document that outlines our application to become a Specialization within the College of Kinesiology. Once Specialization has been achieved, it paves the way for Athletic Therapy in Ontario to add to our scope of practice within the Regulated Healthcare Practitioners Act and its management of Controlled Acts. In Ontario, there are 14 controlled acts that only certain practitioners are allowed to perform. Examples would be Spinal Manipulation, (manipulative physiotherapists, Chiropractors), fracture setting (medical doctors), dental procedures (dentists) Acupuncture (Regulated Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners, physiotherapists, registered massage therapists), to name a few. We aim to apply for acupuncture as soon as possible.

The spin offs of joining a regulated college would result in more concrete benefits to members who have joined the Kinesiology College. We are now able to bill for the Programs of Care through the Ontario WSIB. These programs of care are best practice driven therapy, education and exercise programs that have a set fee paid along the completion guidelines. The POC’s are for low back pain, musculoskeletal injuries, shoulder injuries and concussion/Mild Traumatic Brain injuries. Prior to joining the College, Athletic Therapists had been excluded from these programs.

The Ottawa district Canadian Back Institutes have started a pilot project of hiring Athletic Therapists to provide therapy services in part because of regulation and because of the growing and impressive list of insurance companies that pay for athletic therapy. We are extremely hopeful this program will spread to the rest of Ontario as there are 66 CBI clinics in Ontario. There is a potential for lots of jobs in Ontario in the future.

With regulation, another company reached out to the OATA about a partnership. The company, mdBriefCase, the number one company in Canada for online learning modules approached the OATA about a joint venture. We were asked to create an online module that would be included in an existing learning module titled “Managing Concussions in Clinical Practice” This learning module was created for Family Physicians to bring the latest best practices in Concussion Management to their offices. This program has already been accredited by the College of Family Physicians of Canada so that Family Doctors will earn 4.5 continuing education credits. As this is a national certification, we intend to bring the company to the CATA Conference to present to the entire CATA membership. This is extremely important because we have just completed the module looking at Concussion Management from an Athletic Therapy perspective. Our module outlines how athletic therapists manage concussions first in an on-field setting, showing the critical decisions of return to play or removal from the game, utilizing the SCAT and or King-Devick sideline tests to a more in depth “quiet room” assessment. The second scenario is evaluation of a concussion patient that arrives at an Athletic Therapy clinic without previous medical screening. 

This learning module will be a great resource that introduces Athletic Therapy to Family Doctors across the country.

We have formed strategic partnerships with other companies, such as Hexfit  an online exercise prescription and monitoring portal where OATA members can build exercise programs online for their patients and remotely monitor and adjust the program as the patient progresses.

A second agreement has been with FHMatch, a web based company that hosts individual webpages that have linkages to Fitness and Healthcare practitioners which are searchable by area.

Every Certified OATA member has received a free basic webpage that is upgradable to suit individual needs. This is basically a well organized social network that connects patients/clients with healthcare or fitness professionals. This will be part of a coordinated digital presence on the Web that the OATA will be rolling out in the summer or fall.

The OATA is very cognizant that for many of our members, resources are tight, therefore rather than make our membership decide between our AGM/Educational day or the CATA National Conference, we have decided to move most of our celebrations to the CATA National Conference and we thank the CATA for being extremely supportive of our effort to move most of our day to the conference. We therefore encourage our entire Ontario membership to join us in Niagara Falls in a celebration of Athletic Therapy fellowship in educational and social undertakings at our National Conference.

We will be holding our first Town Hall meeting to address several questions our members have about regulation and the future direction of Athletic Therapy in Ontario. The CATA has also given us permission to continue our new tradition of honouring one of our OATA founders during the Gatorade Awards banquet. Previous winners were: Tim Page, the first OATA President, Fred Dunbar, who needs no introduction, and last year we honoured Pat Bishop, one the first OATA members and high profile University of Waterloo professor that has been a pioneer in helmet testing. The 2017 winner is……………………, well we will see you at the Gatorade Banquet.


Drew Laskoski R. Kin., Athletic Therapist, CAT(C)

OATA President

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