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March, 2017

Toward a Professional Order for Athletic Therapy in Quebec

Heather McCoy, CAT (C), Fayez Abuldrahman, CAT (C), Pierre Lizotte
Strategic Task Force, La Corporation des thérapeutes du sport du Québec (CTSQ)

As promised at CTSQ’s last AGM, we pursued our efforts in 2016 to create a professional association for athletic therapy in Quebec. Major progress has been made, and we hope this will help us attain a significant milestone in 2017.

In the first phase, our authorization regulation, which has been sponsored by the Collège des médecins du Québec, was renewed until 2020. This five-year extension showed the CMQ’s commitment to helping athletic therapists form a professional association as soon as possible, and their faith in our ability to attain this objective. In recent meetings and discussions, the Office de professions has reiterated its stance that we have everything we need to form a professional association. The OPQ also reiterated support for our process, as long as we are able to demonstrate the financial viability of this new association.

In the second phase, driven by this support, the CTSQ’s Board of Directors requested that a formal process be undertaken to identify the terms and establish the conditions that will help create an independent order for athletic therapy in Quebec.

We got right to work in the spring of 2016, and began to test our hypotheses, we met with several small professional associations to try to learn from their experiences and gather information about their operations and related costs. This allowed us to envisage a realistic operating structure for this organization. We then came up with a budget for our first five years of operation in order to test the feasibility of our financial plan. We opted for very conservative estimates of revenues and very “generous” estimates for expenses. We even included a margin of 20% for total expenses. In short, our process was very thorough and well-documented. The BD then submitted these results for analysis by our colleagues at the CMQ and the OPQ.

At the end of December, we met with the CMQ and they offered positive feedback on our work and encouraged us to pursue our course. They reiterated their support for establishing a professional athletic therapy order and offered their guidance on the steps to come.

On Tuesday, January 31, we met with the OPQ – a session that may prove critical for the steps to come. If our presentation on the feasibility of creating a professional association is positively received, we will be able to move on to another crucial step: informing CTSQ members about the ins and outs of launching a professional association for athletic therapy. It is very possible that we will begin this process in the weeks to come. Stay tuned.

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