September, 2017

Cindy Hughes

CATA 2017 Hall of Fame

What does receiving this award means to you:

I am so honoured and humbled to be inducted into the CATA Hall of Fame. To be included in this prestigious Hall with my fellow nominees and previous inductees is something I never dreamt of. I have had the most extraordinary career that I am very grateful for and proud of.

Your contribution to athletic therapy:

Working on CATA, OUA and CIS committees gave me an opportunity to contribute, have a voice and learn from my colleagues.

Highlights such as events you did that were important to you:

I had the great fortune to travel around the world with National Teams and be selected to numerous major games and world championships. This enabled me to not only work with great athletes but wonderful colleagues from across the country that have become lifelong friends.

Anyone you would like to thank:

I would like to thank Andrea Prieur, Mike Boni, Kelly Parr and Bruce Marshall for nominating me. I am so touched that they would take the time and effort to think of me of me for this award. I would like to thank my teachers at Sheridan College, Barry Bartlett, Anne Hartley, Judy Russell, Evert van Beek and Kevin Perry. I would like to thank some of my mentors, Giulio Carlin, Gunner Obrascovs and Marcia Franklin. Thank you to Dr. Paul Piccininni for all the opportunities you extended to me. A huge thank you to Tracy Meloche for her dedication, support and loyalty. Thank you to all the athletes that allowed me treat them. Thank you to all the students that I learned so much from. Thank you to all the coaches that toughened me up and made me stronger. Thank you to the York University Sport Medicine Team for making me look good! Thank you to my previous Directors, Doug Fox at Humber College, Jenn Myers, Pat Murray, Sheila Forshaw and Gillian McCullough at York University for your support and for allowing me to do my job to the best of my ability. Thank you to my parents, Chris and Paul Hughes for always supporting my dreams and giving me the tools, values and passion for what I love to do.

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